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Promises Kept.

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Meet Delorean Holmes

I promise that as your State Representative, I will continue with my personal mission to protect senior citizens, everyday families, and increase economic opportunities that will lead to good jobs and investment in our neighborhoods. I will continue community engagement by making sure residents are aware, active, and engaged in the state political process.


Seniors, Security and Safety

District 4 needs safer communities so that our families and neighborhoods can thrive. Safer communities will allow for all members of society to participate equally and equitably. 


Economic and Community Development


Economic Development is key to bringing District 4 back to a thriving district. Economic development encompasses community and personal development. Helping the people of District 4 thrive will restore its neighborhoods and ensure that our communities are thriving. 



Every child in Michigan, no matter where they live, needs to receive a quality education. This includes addressing literacy rates, school environments, and classroom size. In addition, taxpayers in Detroit and District 4 deserve to have equitable public education options for their youth. Education is the greatest tool we have for lowering crime, developing economy, and building sustainable communities. 

Environmental Quality 

As State Representative, I will fight for clean air, clean neighborhoods, and affordable, safe, and accessible drinking water. I believe that a clean environment means healthier people, which leads to a better quality of life for all areas. When you feel better, you live better!

Criminal Justice Reform  

Our prison system has turned into more of a tool for profit instead of a tool to take corrective action and help returning citizens adjust back into society. We need more common sense in our criminal justice system, meaning that prisoners who are medically frail, eligible for parole and likely to succeed in reentering the community should be released. This means creating more programs and opportunities for returning citizens.


Social Equity 

We have to address the underlying and systemic differences of opportunity and access to social resources. The disparities are glaring; this includes housing, civil rights, and equal access to social goods and services. Social equity is the peak of freedom in a democracy and a free market economy. This is one of the key factors in restoring our great District!

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