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My family story began in Detroit, like many others, as the product of the great migration in the 1920s. My father’s mother, Jaunita Holmes, was active in Hamtramck politics in the 40s, 50s and 60s fighting against injustices and helping anyone she could. My mother’s mother, Claudreen Jackson, has been active in community leadership for over forty years, hosting fundraisers, serving on various boards, and being a champion for Autism since the 70s. Both of my grandfathers worked in steel mills and taught me the importance in the right to organize and fighting for what you believe in.


My father, a former postal worker, who was born and raised in Hamtramck during the 50s and 60s, and my mother, a small business owner who has been actively engaged in the community her entire life, taught me that hard work, honesty and integrity are some of the most important quality traits a person can have. From a very early age, I had an interest in community leadership and wanting to help others. From an early age my family raised us to serve and I have served in the military along with my brothers for the last eight years.


I attended Foreign Language Immersion and Culture Studies (F.L.I.C.S), on Clay and E. Grand Blvd for elementary school, Hutchins Middle school (Woodrow Wilson and Clairmount) for middle school and Cass Tech for high school, all Detroit Public Schools. After high school I graduated from Wayne State University, where I enrolled in ROTC and received my commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Reserves. I have always had a strong connection to district four.

I have worked as a lifeguard for the City of Detroit, as an Economic Development manager for a local government agency, as Chief of Staff for State Senator Ian Conyers, and then as Deputy Director of the Detroit Wayne County Port Authority for several years, as well as serving as a Company Commander in United States Army Reserves. I currently reside across from the Motown Museum with my brother, a Navy Veteran, and my son.

I believe that the Michigan legislature greatly benefits from diversity of thought, experience and background. In that regard, I believe my experience and profile makes for the strongest potential candidacy as well as the most useful public servant for the district, since I have been in this district my entire life. My varied experience in community engagement has been wide-ranging, including holding leadership roles in legislative, faith, municipal, political and community-based arenas across the State of Michigan. I have knowledge of creating solutions to various problems across the community.


I promise that as your State Representative, I will continue with my personal mission to protect senior citizens, everyday families, and increase economic opportunities that will lead to good jobs and investment in our neighborhoods. I will continue community engagement by making sure residents are aware, active, and engaged in the state political process.


Over the next few months I look forward to getting to know the issues facing your neighborhood and our community. I truly thank you in advance and I look forward to discussing my interest as well as learning yours. I can be reached via email at or by phone at 313-230-8403. I thank you for your time, and I hope that I can count on your knowledge and support in the coming months.

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